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33107 N. Highway 45
Wildwood, IL 60030


Office: (847) 223-9240

2011 Best of Grayslake Award


Everlasting Memorials provides high quality custom carved headstones, memorials, grave markers, mausoleums and cemetery monuments. Our mission is to compassionately capture the memories of our customer’s loved ones in stone.

We understand that a memorial serves a greater purpose than merely marking the resting place of a person. It is an expression of a family’s love and a celebration of their loved ones life. A head stone shouldn’t reflect the sorrow of the death but rather serve as a positive memory of that person.

We will take the time to listen to you. We want to find out who your loved one was and what made them special. Every family has happy memories and memorable moments worth capturing, we want to take those memories and use them to express the true essence of that person.

We truly want to help you in this time of need. We hope you will like what we have to offer and will consider working with us to create a memorial tailored to suite your needs. Even if your budget or cemetery will only allow for small grave markers there is no reason to settle for the ordinary, with a little imagination, we can help you create something unique. Let us be of service to you.